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On May 3rd, 1955 my life began in a small suburban town outside of New Haven, Southington, Connecticut.

My parents were Helen & Charles Eramo, I was the fifth child born into a blended family, and both my parents had two offspring from previous marriages.

My father had loved movies ever since I could remember. During the 1940s in his home, he had reserved a room with a movie screen and theatre seating, and a projection room. He was ahead of his time in creating a media room, which is not so much uncommon in today’s society.  There was never a time that he was without some form of camera on him, be it a still camera or a movie camera.

His library was extensive, with reels of 8mm and 35mm cans of film, be it family, history, theatrical, or big band movies along with, what seemed to be a hundred round carousels of slides.

In every house we lived in he would build a projection room for his collection and projector to share with others his passion.

His passion for such was instilled in me, as I watched movies from a young age.  I wanted to be that actor on celluloid living in a fantasy world and taking on different characters in life.

In high school I was in Drama & Choir, having been in the ‘Sound of Music’ and ‘Oklahoma!’ At Walt Disney World where I was a cast member, I was involved in a cast member group for theater.  Plays were shown for fellow cast members at the Golden Horseshoe in Frontierland. There, I acted in ‘You Can’t Take it With You’.

My first experience to be in a television studio was when I danced in ‘American Bandstand’ over a two-day period, taping three episodes each on Saturday and then Sunday.

The next time that I had an opportunity to work in the industry was in 1997. I went to a cattle call for extras for the nine-month production of Tom Hanks’ HBO series, ‘From the Earth to the Moon’. My life changed at that point, and all I wanted to do was to be in the film industry.

Over the years, I was an extra in several tv and movies, acted in student films as principal, took acting classes, and eventually became a union, SAG-AFTRA, actor.

From being an actor, the other accomplishment was owning a production company. That became a reality in 2015 when, another person formed Ram Ran Productions, LLC. He was a writer, and director, while I produced. 

Even though I enjoy acting, producing is what I do best, having a vision from the start to finish and seeing the accomplishment on screen.

In February 2023 I graduated from the SAE Institute in Atlanta GA with a degree in Entertainment Business and begin working on my next project and building a team. 

The journey has been one of great pleasure and experience, and it continues to this day.

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